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Week 1 application

For the first relevant blog, I found this one because it provides a nice (and amusing) compilation of pedagogy and specific iPad apps –

As the iPad continues to be such a hot consumer item, I have faculty who ask me how they can use an iPad for their classes.  I’ll admit Apple has made a very marketable campaign to show the world how this little device will and can revolutionize the way we use computing devices.  Steve Jobs has touted that the iPad is the next replacement for a desktop computer (despite the fact that one still needs a computer to sync an iPad with iTunes).  Despite some flaws I see with Apple’s marketing and some issues with tablets in general, I believe the iPad and other tablets have potential has a tool to receive content as well as contributing to content.  As an instructional technologist, I believe faculty should not to use technology just for the sake of using technology.  They should start with pedagogy first then apply the technology so I ask them how they usually tech in class.  But sadly unless the instructor has an education degree, the concepts of Bloom’s taxonomy may fall upon death ears.

The second relevant blog I found, provides an explanation of what an instructional designer is and why their role is important (or at least to me) –

The current members of our team at work do not include an instructional designer.  I have advocated strongly for having one but I don’t think we will be getting one soon.  While we do have librarians who have some instructional knowledge and experience, I would like to have a true instructional designer on board and hence the reason why I am in this program trying to fill the void.  But while I have a general idea of what an instructional designer does, I am quite sure others will be puzzled with their role.  I am hoping to use the information from that blog to explain what my future duties will become!

The third relevant blog is one that showcases a concept of screen recording that was had just suggested to someone that just happens to be an iPad app –

I had a math instructor who came to me interested in recording video for his class.  He wanted to record math calculations and explanations for his calculus class for some students who need some remedial help.  I told him he could use a product called Camtasia for his computer but ideally, he should get a stylus pad for him to write out equations.  However, a low tech approach would be to mount a video camera overhead and for him to simply write and narrate.  But after finding this blog and specifically this blog post, I can recommend this nifty app plus it’s free to boot!